Podcast double-bill coming up: AUVs under Ice

Theseus AUV

The next two Underwater Technology Podcasts will be back-to-back episodes looking at the use of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles in polar seas. In Podcast 15, due out on 30th June, we’ll feature an interview with Bruce Butler about the mission of the ISE ‘Theseus’ vehicle to lay fibre-optic cable underneath Arctic ice back in the 1990s, a truly pioneering programme that prepared the path for many of the research, military and industrial AUVs that have followed since.

In Podcast 16 two days later on 2nd July we follow up with an interview with Peter King of the University of Tasmania on their missions underneath Antarctic Ice using a more modern AUV from the same ISE stable as Theseus, benefitting from two decades of advances in technology.

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Photo above of Theseus vehicle courtesy of Bruce Butler.