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Advances in Subsea Pipeline Engineering and Technology

Proceedings of the international conference, held 1996 and co–sponsored by the Pipeline Industries Guild

ISBN 0 906940 29 X, Softbound, 1996
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As reservoirs that a few years ago would not have been considered for development become proposed for exploitation, the offshore industry continues to move into both technically and economically difficult areas. Consequently, the challenge of designing for subsea environments in deep water areas has had to be considered.

These proceedings concentrate on the future of the industry, identifying the requirements for a new generation of pipelines, and will be of value to offshore designers and engineers. Sections are: Managing Pipeline Integrity, Technical Developments, and Deepwater Developments. Also includes 110 figures and tables.

  • Introduction of Pipelines Safety Regulations – S Parkash
  • Pipelines Safety Regulations 1996–Impact and Implications – AT Thayne
  • FSM–Non–Intrusive Monitoring of Internal Corrosion, Erosion and Cracking in Subsea Pipelines and Flowlines –
  • RD Strømmen et al
  • Recent Developments in Defect Characterisation Techniques for Flexible Pipes – K Henderson and G Watson
  • Assessing the Integrity of Corroded Linepipe–an Industry Initiative – MG Kirkwood et al
  • Advanced Crawler Inspection of Risers – A Solberg and W Browne
  • Rehabilitation Analysis of the Forties 32–Inch Pipeline – SI McIntyre and M Lamb
  • Experiences with Strain Based Limit State Design in the Netherlands – A M Gresnigt et al
  • Use (and Abuse) of Strain Based Criteria in Offshore Pipeline Technology – L Vitali et al
  • Lateral Buckling of Subsea Pipelines: Comparison Between Design and Operation – D Kaye
  • Characterisation of Thermoplastic Liners for Steel Pipes – CJ Hamilton and JC Savidis
  • Plastic Liners for Hydrocarbon Service – A Maclachlan and A Headford
  • Deepwater Compliant Riser Systems: The Technical Challenges and Solutions – P O’Brien and E O’Sullivan
  • Conceptual Design of a Plastic Pipeline in 1000 m Water Depth – RDJ Stentiford and KJ Woolley
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