MEST Federation Membership Information

The Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (MEST) Federation was formed in 2004 through the signing of an alliance agreement between the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) and the Society for Underwater Technology (SUT). This global Federation aims to unite professional and learned societies, bringing together the disparate strands of the MEST world so that they may combine their collective strengths and enhance the services provided to members and bring cohesion and greater recognition to the marine sector and its importance to world economy.

The MEST Federation enables new and existing members of SUT and IMarEST to enjoy membership of both organisations at reduced rates. Applicants for Federate Membership can complete this form if they are paying via credit card. Successful applicants will be accepted as Members of SUT and Affiliates of the IMarEST and will receive a Federation Membership card. Unsuccessful applicants will be contacted by the SUT Membership Secretary, and their credit card payment will be refunded.

All Federation Members will receive access to services and benefits as are available to members of the respective bodies and shall have voting rights as are applicant to their respective membership categories. Where appropriate the IMarEST will notify newly elected Federation Members of the opportunity to progress to Corporate categories of IMarEST membership and likewise SUT will notify newly elected Federation Members of the opportunity to progress to the category of Fellow of the SUT.


All Federation Members pay a 10% reduced IMarEST entrance fee and annual subscription and a 10% reduced SUT annual subscription. For more information, please contact the Membership Secretary:

J Hinton:
t + 44 (0)20 3878 8605