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Fourth Underwater Science Symposium – Out of print

Collected papers

ISBN 0 90694 31 1, Softbound, 1998
185 pp., 55 figures and tables
Order Reference C16  This book is currently out of print


This collection of peer–reviewed papers and extended abstracts was contributed by members of the international underwater science and diving community, through the SUT’s Underwater Science Group, reflecting the Group’s diverse disciplines in underwater science and diving methods.

The volume includes 11 peer–reviewed papers and 11 extended abstracts by professional researchers from industry and universities, on a varied selection of topics. Technologies, equipment and methods are applied to areas including underwater surveying, diving training, hazard recovery technology, and survey and scientific investigations from the around the world, ranging from the Falklands Survey to hydrothermal vents in the Aegean Sea.

Peer–Reviewed Papers
  • Image Processing–The Sonar Revolution – M Kiernan, Coda Technologies
  • VETIS: A Survey Tool for Marine Archaeology – F Søreide et al, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • Underwater Remote Sensing Integrating Aerial Photographs and Acoustic Ground Discrimination Systems – I Sotheran et al, University of Newcastle upon Tyne and Scottish Natural Heritage
  • The Evaluation of Photomodeler for use Under Water – N Ewins and D Pilgrim, University of Plymouth
  • The First Survey of the Falkland Shallow Sublittoral Zone – G Saunders, Heriot–Watt University
  • Seabed Geomorphology and Shallow Marine Boulder Fields, Dorset: The Application of Side–Scan Sonar to Coastal Geomorphological Study and Marine Resource Management – C Heeps, Bournemouth University
  • Coral Reef Community Structure Analysis in Three–Dimensional Space: A Comparison of Techniques – J Bythell, Newcastle University
  • In Situ Investigations of Shallow Water Hydrothermal Vent Systems, Palaeochori Bay, Milos, Aegean Sea – C Robinson et al, University of Wales, Bangor
  • A Diver Observatory for In–Situ Studies in Sublittoral Sediments – W Ziebis et al, Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology and Institut fuer Meereswissenschaften, Germany
  • Professional Scientific Diver Training in Finland – J Leinikki and P Oulasvirta, Alleco Ltd
  • Antibiotics from Surface–Associated Marine Bacteria – A Mearns–Spragg et al, Heriot–Watt University
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