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Man-Made Objects on the Sea Floor: Discovery, Investigation and Recovery – Out of print

Proceedings of the international conference, held 1995

ISBN 0 906940 26 5, Softbound, 1995
133 pp., 42 figures and tables
Order Reference C8  This book is currently out of print


Ships, aircraft, mines, rejected munitions (including chemicals), lost trawls, archaeological remains, contraband and a host of amphorae lie on, or are buried in, the seabed. These proceedings address the issues that determine how and where these objects are found, bringing together the clients and the enabling technology for these operations from the shallow shelf seas down to five kilometres in the deep oceans.

  • Salvage from 1200m – A Crawford
  • Search for the Bulk Carrier –Derbyshire–: Unlocking the Mystery of Bulk Carrier Shipping Disasters – DL Mearns
  • Aircraft Lost at Sea: Search and Recovery Operations – R Orren
  • Resolving the Issue: A Look at Resolution and Related Topics in Sonar – M Somers
  • Deepwater Aircraft Recovery – C Royce and M Cooper
  • Laser Line Scan – P Debrule, E Saad and A Palmer
  • The Raising of the –Mary Rose–: Archaeology and Salvage Combined – C Dobbs
  • The –Komsomolets– and Beyond – RD Praaning, J Wellink and T Vergouw
  • Close Encounters on the Ocean Floor – TJG Francis et al
  • A Novel Method of Lifting Heavy Loads Underwater – JE Stangroom
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