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Masterclass in AUV Technology for Polar Science

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cover2.inddCollaborative Autosub Science in Extreme Environments

Proceedings of the international Masterclass, held 28–29 March 2006 at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

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Workshop on AUV Science in Extreme Environments

ISBN 0 906940 48 6, ISBN–13 978 0 906940 48 8
Hardbound, 146 pp, Colour, 2007
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Maritime polar environments are some of the most challenging areas on earth. Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) offer tremendous potential as one solution to cost–effective data–gathering for science and industry in these inhospitable areas. The International Polar Year 2007–2009 provides a particular focus for science.

In preparation for an upsurge in the use of AUVs for polar research, this Masterclass –organised by, and held at, the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, and supported by the UK Natural Environment Research Council –brought together an international group of engineers and scientists to assess current performance and future requirements. The contributed papers provide both a resource for new AUV users and critical analyses of what remains to be achieved if, after the International PolarYear, AUVs are to be a lasting legacy as observers of the polar oceans.

  • Foreword – G Griffiths; Why Polar Marine Science Is Important – P Wadhams
  • Research and Development of Past, Present and Future Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Technologies – I Yamamoto
  • Autosub Operations in the Arctic and the Antarctic – S McPhail
  • Sensors and Instrument Requirements for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles – D Hayes, T Boyd and M Patterson
  • Communications – DR Blidberg
  • Future Technologies and Requirements – N Størkersen
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Operations–Needs of New Users – N Bose, D Hayes and G Griffiths
  • Launch and Recovery of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles in Polar Regions – P Stevenson
  • Autonomy and Collision Avoidance – M Pebody
  • ‘When Things Go Horribly Wrong’ – J Ferguson
  • Towards a Risk Management Process for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles – G Griffiths and A Trembanis
  • Future Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Campaigns and Missions – J Wilkinson
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Navigation and Proximity Operations for Deep Phreatic Thermal Explorer (DEPTHX) – W Stone, N Fairfield and G Kantor
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