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Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics

cover.indd Confronting New Challenges and Sharing Knowledge

Proceedings of the sixth international conference, held 11–13 September 2007 at the Royal Geographical Society, London

ISBN 0 906940 49 4, ISBN–13 978 0 906940 49 5
ISSN 2754-6322  
Hardbound, 558 pp, Colour
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This international site investigation conference, organised by the Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics (OSIG) Committee of the Society for Underwater Technology, is the fifth in a series started by SUT in 1978. This conference, ‘Confronting New Challenges and Sharing Knowledge’, continued the aims of this established series of disseminating and communicating the latest developments in all aspects of marine geotechnology.

The needs of the offshore community have changed substantially since the first conference in 1978 and, today, interest is primarily focused around geohazards, deepwater development with floating production facilities, the shallow geotechnical aspects of subsea tie–backs and development of renewable sources of energy. Leading practioners and academics in the offshore industry have contributed keynote papers to these proceedings: Prof R Jardine, Dr T Lunne, Prof M Randolph and H Mannaerts. Included are over 50 peer–reviewed papers, with colour images and graphs, covering twelve sessions of the diverse specialities within this field.

  • The Role of ROV Technology in Offshore Shallow Geohazard Observation and Monitoring: Environmental Stewardship in the Gulf of Mexico – H Mannaerts et al.

  • North Falkland Basin Geohazard Study – K Day and J Gale

  • Integrated Multidisciplinary Assessment and Mitigation of West Nile Geohazards – R Moore et al.

  • Experience and Lessons Learned from Procurement of Site Investigation Campaigns at Sheringham Shoal Offshore Windfarm – P Fish and C Leach

  • Behaviour of a Piston Corer from Accelerometers and New Insights on Quality of the Recovery – J–F Bourillet et al.

  • Rapid Determination of Soil Sample Quality Using Shear Wave Velocity and Suction Measurements –
    S Donohue and M Long

  • An Improved Tool for In Situ Pore Water and Gas Sampling – E Tervoort and J Peuchen

  • PROD Delivers an Accurate Site Investigation at Maari – D Pennington and P Kelleher

  • Novel Data Gathering Platforms for Offshore Site Surveys – H Young et al.

  • Determining the Extent of Saberllaria Reefs during Seabed Surveys – R Birchall

  • Casing Integrity in Hydrate Bearing Sediments – R Freij–Ayoub et al.

  • Pipe–Soil Interaction in Highly Plastic Clays – H Dendani and C Jaeck

  • The Axial Resistance of Buried and Unburied Pipelines – J Oliphant and A Maconochie

  • The Influence of Pipe–Soil Interaction on Lateral Buckling and Walking of Pipelines – the SAFEBUCK JIP –
    D Bruton et al.

  • Soft Clay Shear Strength Parameters for Deepwater Geotechnical Design – T Lunne and K Andersen

  • Full–Flow Penetrometer Testing in Bothkennar Clay – N Boylan et al.; Rate Effects in Vane Shear Testing – J Peuchen and P Mayne

  • The Harpoon Free–Fall Cone Penetrometer for Rapid Offshore Geotechnical Assessment – DC Mosher et al.

  • Shallow Gas and Its Multiple Impact on a North Sea Production Platform – TI Tjelta et al.

  • Formation of Pockmarks in the Norwegian Channel – C Forsberg et al.

  • Small Scale Model Testing of Gas Migration in a Soft Seabed as a Basis for Developing a Mechanical Model for Gas Migration – MH de Vries et al.

  • Foundation Behaviour of a Giant Gravity Platform of Soft Soils as Evidenced after Ten Years of Monitoring –
    G Svano et al.

  • In situ Testing for Design of Pipeline and Anchoringh Systems – M Randolph et al.

  • Management of Geotechnical and Geohazard Risks in the West Delta – T Evans et al.

  • Potential Effects of Well Drilling Operations on Foundation Piles in Clay – F Schroeder et al.

  • Some Considerations for Predicting Spudcan Penetration Resistance in Two–Layered Soil Using Miniature Penetrometer – KL Teh et al.

  • Spudcan Reinstallation Near Existing Footprints – C Gaudin et al.

  • Some Recent Developments in Offshore Pile Design – R Jardine and F Chow

  • The Use of ICP Design Methods as a Predictor of Conductor Drill–Drive Installation – R Overy and P Sayer

  • Controlling Conductor Deviation with Inclined Driving Shoe – E Tisseau et al.

  • A Re–evaluation of Driven Pile Capacities for Sites Involving Low Plasticity, Low OCR Clays –
    A Ridgway and R Jardine

  • The Use of ICP Design Methods for the Foundations of Nine Platforms Installed in the UK North Sea – R Overy

  • Shaft Friction of Piles Driven in Siliceous, Calcareous and Micaceous Sands – SJ Schneider et al.

  • Investigation of Monopile Behaviour under Cycle Lateral Loading – K Lesny and P Hinz

  • An Investigation of the Performance of a ‘Hybrid’ Monopile–Footing Foundation for Offshore Structures –
    K Stone et al.

  • Foundation Design and Installation of the Yolla A Platform – P Watson and C Humpheson

  • Installation of Suction Piles at Deepwater Sites in Angola – J–L Colliat et al.

  • Effect of Caisson–Tip Geometry on Flow Pattern of Soil Plug – H Zhou and M Randolph

  • Theory for the Installation of Suction Caissons in Sand Overlaid by Clay – M Senders et al.

  • Specific Identification Test Procedures for Deepwater Sediments of Gulf of Guinea – F Thomas et al.

  • Use of Statistical Methods for Selecting Design Soil Parameters – S Lacasse et al.

  • The Influence of Full–Flow Pentrometer Area Ratio on Penetration Resistance and Undrained and Remoulded Shear Strength – N Yafrate et al.

  • Offshore Site Investigation: Some Insights into the Role of the Client Representative – R Hobbs

  • Centrifuge Model Testing of Skirted Foundations for Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities – S Gourvenec et al.

  • Pipeline and Cable Plough Stability in Soft Clays – D Cathie et al.

  • An Investigation of the Bearing Capacity of Irregular Shaped (Triangular) Footings – KJL Stone et al.

  • Seabed Acoustic Characterisation Using Wind Noise – M Donnelly; Note on Geotechnical Soil Description –
    J Landva et al.

  • A Probabilistic Approach for Geotechnical Assessment of Jack–Up Leg Penetration – T Van Der Wal et al.

  • Finpile: Improving the Lateral Stability of Monopile Foundations – JH Irvine et al.

  • Performance Prediction for a Subsea Mechanical Trenching Wheel – E Jackson et al.

  • Rovdrill®: The Development and Application of a New ROV Operated Seabed Drilling and Coring System –
    A Spencer

  • Behaviour of Laterally Loaded Piles in Sloping Ground: Comparison between 3D Finite Element and p–y Analyses –
    K Georgiadis and M Georgiadis

  • Comparison of Pore Pressure Generation and Dissipation Rates from Cone and Ball Penetrometers – HE Low et al.

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