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Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics 2017 Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings of the 8th International Conference, held 12–14 September 2017 at the Royal Geographical Society, London

Volume 1
ISBN 0 906940 57 5
ISBN–13 978 0 906940 57 0
ISSN 2754-6322  

Hardbound, Colour 585 pp

Volume 2
ISBN 0 906940 58 3
ISBN–13 978 0 906940 58 7

Hardbound, Colour 736 pp

Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics – ISSN 2754-6322

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This international site investigation conference, organised by the Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics (OSIG) Committee of the Society for Underwater Technology, is the eighth in a series started by SUT in 1978. This conference, ‘Smarter Solutions for Future Offshore Developments’, continued the aims of this established series of disseminating and communicating the latest developments in all aspects of marine geotechnology.


Volume 1

  • International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering – 4th McClelland lecture Bramlette McClelland: Offshore Geotechnical Engineering Pioneer
    AG Young
  • Introduction to Alan G. Young, The Fourth ISSMGE McClelland Lecturer
    P Jeanjean
  • Understanding the Full Potential of an Integrated Geoscience Study
    AG Young
  • A Phased And Integrated Data Interpretation Approach to Site Characterisation
    S Thomas
  • Substrate Controls on the Life-Time Performance of Marine HV Cables
    JK Dix
  • A Framework for Monotonic p-y Curves in Clays
    P Jeanjean
  • PISA: New Design Methods for Offshore Wind Turbine Monopiles
    BW Byrne
  • Characteristics of Unified Databases for Driven Piles
    BM Lehane

Geohazards & Geophysics

  • Utilisation of 3D Exploration Seismic Data to Optimise Site Investigations – a Case Study from the Timor Sea
    D Sunderland, A Lane
  • Geohazards of the North West Shelf, Australia
    P Hogan, I Finnie, S Tyler, J Hengesh
  • Use of 3D Exploration Geophysical Data for Early Stage Geohazard Assessment and Pipeline Route Feasibility
    CA Smith, S Thomas, S Langford, A Aslam
  • Adapting Seismic Surveys to Shallow Investigation of Offshore Bedrock
    A Souf, T Denois, S Pouliquen, P Lucquiaud
  • Geospatial Analysis for Offshore Geotechnical Design
    D Rushton, L Jones, T Nott, M Rattley
  • Shallow Submarine Landslides as a Geohazard to Coastal Infrastructure: Examples from NW United Kingdom
    G Carter, D Long, M Stoker, D Tappin, J Howe
  • Slope Stability Assessment of the Stones Development in the Gulf of Mexico
    YJ Choi, F Nadim, N Boylan, C Hadley, A Young, A Niedoroda, B Saha
  • Has Anyone Seen the Crenulate? The Crenulate Reflection, Base Quaternary and the Aberdeen Ground Formation
    F Buckley
  • Seafloor Response to Large Volcanic Activity and Geohazard Implications in Naples Bay, Southern Italy
    C Violante, M Sacchi, V Spiess, L Steinmann
  • Scour Effect Around Suction Bucket Foundations and Monopiles in Clay
    Y Shin, N Sivasithamparam, T Jung, H Wang, S Song, S Park, J Sim

Geotechnical Site Investigation & Design

  • A New Approach for Cost-Effective Site Investigations for Offshore Wind Farms
    A Adamopoulos, W Cleverly, L Costa
  • Near-Real Time Geophysical and Geotechnical Data Integration: The Importance of Optimising the Collection of Data
    D Harrison, CA Smith, S Thomas, S Black, S Jegandan
  • Guidelines for Use of CPTU Application Classes According to ISO 19901-8: (2014) 300
    T Lunne, R Santos, J Brink Clausen
  • The Influence of Insertion Process on Determining the Stiffness Characteristics of Chalk, using Pre-Bored, Self-Bored and Pushed Pressuremeters
    R Whittle, E Palix, D Donaghy
  • The use of Non-destructive Core Logging and X-ray Imaging Techniques to Resolve a Complex Engineering Geological Stratigraphy for a Planned Offshore Windfarm
    JW Shreeve, B Shreeve, J Pitel, E Palix, A Souf
  • Geotechnical Characterisation of Soils Containing a High Silt Content
    P Moran, J Brianso Del Rio, M Orlowska, Nick Rae, Mark Finch
  • Experimental Study on Effect of Stress Relief and Gas Exsolution on Sample Quality
    S Yang, T Lunne, K Andersen, G Yetginer
  • Influence of Pre-Shearing on the Triaxial Drained Strength and Stiffness of a Marine North Sea Sand
    V Quinteros, T Lunne, R Dyvik , L Krogh, R Bøgelund-Pedersen and S Bøtker-Rasmussen
  • CPT-Based Design Procedure for Installation Torque Prediction for Screw Piles Installed in Sand
    T Al-Baghdadi, C Davidson, M Brown, J Knappett, A Brennan, C Augarde, W Coombs, L Wang, D Richards, A Blake
  • Large Diameter Driven Piles in the Bolders Bank Formation: A Case Study
    G Giuliani, S Davies, M Vaziri
  • Seabed Investigation by a Novel Hybrid of Vessel-Based and Seafloor-Based Drilling Techniques
    P Looijen, J Peuchen
  • Offshore Characterisation of Extremely Soft Sediments by Free Fall Penetrometer
    J Peuchen, P Looijen, N Stark
  • Aged Undrained Shear Strength of Remoulded Clays
    A Lutenegger
  • Application of a Memory Surface Model in Predicting the Sand Response Under Cyclic Loading Conditions
    R Corti, A Diambra
  • Undrained Shear Strength of Offshore Sediments from Portable Free Fall Penetrometers: Theory, Field Observations and Numerical Simulations
    N Stark, K Ziotopoulou
  • A Practical Constitutive Model for Offshore Foundation Problems Involving Dense Sands in Partially Drained to Undrained Conditions
    S Whyte, M Rattley, C Erbrich, H Burd, C Martin

Advanced Soil Characterisation

  • Scour and Erosion Effects in Offshore Geotechnics
    HJ Luger, G Hoffmans, T Raaijmakers, A Borges Rodrigez, P Watson, H Krisdani, S Leckie,R Whitehouse, S Draper, B Spinewine
  • On the Use of Constitutive Models in Numerical Analyses of Offshore Structures
    A Grammatikopoulou, FC Schroeder, AM Brosse, KW Andersen, DM Potts
  • A Framework for Cyclic p-y Curves in Clay and Application to Pile Design in GoM
    Y Zhang, K H Andersen, P Jeanjean, A Mirdamadi, A S Gundersen, H P Jostad
  • 3D Finite Element Modelling of the Cyclic Behaviour of Offshore Gravity Base Foundations on Sands
    H Dingle, C Humpheson, A Pillai
  • Laboratory Testing Based Design Method for Assessing Cyclic Response of Driven Piles in Chalk
    P Houlston, S Manceau, A Benson, I Alobaidi, R Evans, M Pacheco Andrade, JH Meincke
  • Normalised Modulus Reduction and Material Damping Ratio Curves for Bay of Campeche Clay
    VM Taboada, V Dantal, D Cruz Roque, FA Flores Lopez, RE Vazquez Monroy, P Barrera Nabor
  • Variations and Limitations of Curve Fitting Methods for Small Strain Shear Modulus in Sands Using the ICP Design Methodology
    T Masters, M Senthilkumar, G Woodyard
  • Seismic Design of Subsea Structures: Linear Time-History vs Response Spectrum Analyses and Practice Oriented Considerations
    M Cademartori, D Bertalot, M Molinari, O Zanoli, A Raggio, P Basso
  • Subsea Foundations on a Liquefiable Seabed
    H Suroor
  • Numerical Simulation of Suction Bucket Under Vertical Tension Loading
    K Shen, Y Zhang, RT Klinkvort, H Sturm, HP Jostad, N Sivasithamparam, Z Guo

Suction Installed Foundations

  • Centrifuge Testing and Numerical Modelling of a Suction Caisson in a Layered Soil – Static and Cyclic Response
    L Lorenti, B Lehane
  • Installation of Suction Anchors in Layered Soils
    M Saue, P Aas, K Andersen, E Solhjell
  • Suction Pile Foundations: Kinematic Soil-Structure Interaction
    D Bertalot, O Zanoli, A Murianni
  • Physical Modelling of Suction Bucket Installation and Response Under Long-Term Cyclic Loading
    Bienen, C O’Loughlin, F Zhu
  • Suction Installation of Square and Multi-Compartment Skirted Foundations in Sand
    L Tapper, C Humpheson, G Jackson
  • Successful Installation of Large Suction Caissons and Driven Piles in Carbonate Soils
    S Frankenmolen, C Erbrich, R Fearon
  • Field Testing and Numerical Back Analysis of Under-Pressure Installation and Over-Pressure Extraction of a Suction Caisson in a Layered Soil
    LSD Lorenti, BM Lehane
  • Simplified Model for the Stiffness of Suction Caisson Foundations under 6 DOF Loading
    SK Suryasentana, BW Byrne, HJ Burd, A Shonberg
  • Penetration Resistance of Suction Caissons in Layered Soils – A Case Study
    S Panayides, TA Powell, K Schrøder
  • Critical Suction Pressures During Installation of Suction Caissons in Sand
    S Panagoulias, BFJ van Dijk, T Drummen, A Askarinejad, F Pisanò
  • Model Testing of Suction Bucket Foundations under Tensile Loading in Non-Cohesive Soil
    P Gütz, M Achmus, K Thieken, C Schröder

Volume 2

Pile Design and Installation

  • Upper Bound Plastic Limit Analyses of Laterally Loaded Piles in Stratified Soils
    F Grajales-Saavedra, C Aubeny, D Drew, P Jeanjean, A Zakeri
  • Investigation of the Effects of Pile Modelling on Jacket Structural Analyses Results
    N Hamdan, N Morgan, D Christie, F Hosseini
  • Finite Element Analysis of Soil Plug Behaviour Within Open-Ended Piles
    T Joseph, G Houlsby, H Burd, P Taylor
  • Laboratory Test Predictions of the Cyclic Axial Resistance of a Pile Driven in North Sea Soils
    M Rattley, L Costa , R Jardine, W Cleverly
  • Large Scale Offshore Static Pile Tests – Practicality and Benefits
    P Barbosa, M Geduhn, R Jardine, F Schroeder
  • Driven Pile Design Method for Weak Rock
    V Terente, I Torres, J Irvine, C Jaeck
  • Engineering Behaviour of Mercia Mudstone for Offshore Pile Design
    A Sultaniya, M Rattley, P Gibbs, M Pacheco Andrade, M Liingaard, S Lam, C Erbrich
  • Re-Evaluation of Pile Driveability in Chalk
    J Dührkop, S Maretzki, J Rieser
  • Installation Response of 5.5m Diameter Driven Piles in Carbonate Soil – The Ichthys Development
    N Boylan, A Roux, JL Colliat-Dangus, A Sato
  • Driving the Moho Nord TLP Piles and Conductors in Deepwater Offshore Congo
    JL Colliat-Dangus
  • A Methodology for the Probabilistic Assessment of Pile Refusal Due to Boulder Encounter
    B Stuyts, G Ellery, J Davidson, I Torres, M Rose
  • An Integrated Pile Foundation Reassessment to Support Life Extension and New Build Activities for a Mature North Sea Oil Field Project
    R Argiolas, R Jardine
  • Analysis of a Torsionally Loaded Pile Considering the non-linear Distribution of the Soil Shear Modulus
    Z Xin-jun, X Yang-yang, X Dong-bin
  • Effects of Cyclic Axial Loading Sequences on Piles in Sand: Centrifuge Modelling
    M Blanc, L Thorel
  • Robust Analyses and Acceptance of Driven Piles for Offshore Structures
    N Morgan, D Christie, N Hamdan
  • Evaluation of p-y Approaches for Piles in Soft Clay
    M Terceros, M Achmus, K Thieken

Subsea Shallow Foundations

  • Extraction of Piles and Shallow Foundations
    E Heins, J Grabe
  • Effect of Foundation Flexibility on Consolidation Gains in Undrained Capacity
    X Feng, S Gourvenec
  • Model Testing Of Recovery Loads For Decommissioning Skirted Subsea Structures
    A Brennan, M Brown, J Knappett, C McMillan, H Aldaikh, A Small, D Morrow
  • In-situ Tests and Numerical Analyses for Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundation on Rock-Fill Material
    A Mirdamadi, H Pederstad, A Rahim, K Tronstad
  • A Probabilistic Investigation of Primary Consolidation Settlements of Subsea Structures
    M Silva, L Begaj, A Amodio
  • Centrifuge Tests on a Sliding Foundation: Impact of the Undrained Cohesion Profile
    M Blanc, L Thorel, R Wallerand
  • Validation of a Surface Foundation Macro Model by Laboratory Testing
    J Tistel, G Eiksund and G Grimstad
  • Whole-Life Assessment of Subsea Shallow Foundation Capacity
    S Gourvenec, S Stanier, D White, N Morgan, M Banimahd, J Chen
  • The Undrained Capacity of Shallow Two-Foundation Systems Acting in Consort Under Three-Dimensional Loading
    S Abyaneh, A Maconochie, J Oliphant
  • Hybrid Subsea Foundations – From Research to Project Application
    R Wallerand, M Cafi, D Kay, P Dimmock, M Randolph
  • Mudmat Perforation – Geotechnical Serviceability Assessment of Foundation Performance On Soft Soil
    A Ulvestad, S Giese, A Stordal
  • Limit Analysis Of Hybrid Subsea Foundations Under Horizontal and Torsional Loading
    H Dunne, C Martin, R Wallerand
  • Hybrid Foundation for Temporary Support of Fixed Tripod or Jacket Structure
    T Drummen, B van Dijk, J Peuchen
  • Prediction of Retrieval Loads for Shallow Foundations in Very Soft Clay
    D Kay, N Dale-Lace, B Vignaud, R Wallerand


  • Effect of Through-Life Changes in Soil Strength and Axial Pipe-Seabed Resistance for HPHT Pipeline Design
    HE Low, M Ramm, MF Bransby, DJ White, ZJ Westgate
  • Evaluation of Soil Stiffness Support at Shoulder for Free-Span Pipeline
    EY Kencana, CF Leung, YK Chow
  • Experimental and Numerical Study of Pipelines Shallowly Embedded in Sands
    X Zhao, Y Luan, C Zhang, Y Tian, X Huang
  • Modelling of Pipeline and Cable Flotation Conditions
    T Bizzotto, MJ Brown, A Brennan, T Powell, H Chandler
  • Optimised Backfill Design for Preventing Pipeline Flotation
    C Erbrich, H Zhou
  • Active Pressure of Rock Berms on Pipelines
    D Carneiro, A Borges Rodriguez, R T Klinkvort, A Worren, M Banimahd
  • Risk Based Approach for Offshore Cable Burial Depth Assessment
    H Doan, A Puech, A Savadogo, Dr L MacNay
  • Hydraulic Stability of Cable Crossing Rock Berms in Combined Waves and Current
    A Roulund, SM Larsen, RJS Whitehouse, N Crossouard
  • Application of the Bathymetric Position Index Method (BPI) for the Purpose of Defining a Reference Seabed Level for Cable Buria
    lM Secomandi, E Jones, V Terente, R Comrie, MJ Owen
  • Improvement of Seabed Cable Plough Tow Force Prediction Models
    S Robinson, MJ Brown, AJ Brennan, M Cortis, CE Augarde, WM Coombs
  • Axial Behaviour of Partially Embedded Subsea Pipelines using Numerical Analysis
    M Senthilkumar, J Kodikara, P Rajeev, NI Thusyanthan

Mooring Systems

  • Numeral Study of Spudcans Penetrating Near Existing Footprints During Jack-Ups’Reinstallation
    L Yu, J Li, J Liu, L Ren, X Wang
  • Numerical Analyses to Determine the Failure Envelope of a Cross-Shaped Plate Foundation
    E Nicolini, M Castelletti
  • A New Testing Method to Estimate Anchor Trajectory Based on Modified Chain Profile Predictions
    J Liu, C Han, L Yu, W Zhao
  • Effectiveness of Skirted Spudcans in Mitigating Punch-Through in Sand-Over-Clay Deposits
    JM Lee, YH Kim, MS Hossain, MJ Cassidy, Y Hu, JU Sim
  • Insights into the Mechanisms of Anchor Chain Trench Formation
    K Sassi, MY-H Kuo, H Versteele, DN Cathie, S Zehzouh
  • Anchor Chain Trenching – Numerical Simulation of Progressive Erosion
    H Versteele, MY-H Kuo, DN Cathie, K Sassi, S Zehzouh
  • Plate Anchors for Mooring Floating Facilities – A View Towards Unlocking Cost and Risk Benefits
    CD O’Loughlin, DJ White, SA Stanier
  • Transition Depths for Deep Circular Anchors in Saturated Sand
    MP Rasulo, JA Schneider, JT Newgard, CP Aubeny
  • Support of Offshore Structures Using Helical Anchors
    A J Lutenegger
  • Inverse Chain Catenary in Weak Rock
    K Routledge, P Allan
  • Site Investigation & Seabed Remediation to Avoid Sequential Jack-Up Punch Through Failure
    L Kellezi, L Xu, C Molina
  • An Experimental Study of the Embedment of a Dynamically Installed Anchor in Sand
    SH Chow, CD O’Loughlin, C Gaudin, JA Knappett, MJ Brown, JT Lieng
  • Numerical Modelling of Jack-Up Rig Spudcan Interaction with Normal Faults
    KJ Oakes, MJ Brown, I Anastasopoulos

Wind Turbine Foundations

  • The Implications of Advanced Monopile Design Methodologies in Offshore Wind Turbines
    D Abadias, L Zdravkovic, D Taborda, D Potts
  • Modelling of Monopile Response to Cyclic Lateral Loading in Sand
    C Abadie, B Byrne, G Houlsby
  • Dynamic and Cyclic Pile-Soil Response Curves for Monopile Design
    P Peralta, J Ballard, M Rattley, C Erbrich
  • Consequences of p-y Curve Selection for Monopile Design for Offshore Wind Turbines
    S Sørensen, A Augustesen, C Leth, M Østergaard, M Møller
  • Efficient Pile Design for Offshore Wind Farm Jacket Structures
    S Manceau, A Benson
  • Large-Scale Experiments and Load Transfer Analysis of Piled Foundations Supporting an Offshore Wind Turbine
    A Foglia, M Wefer, F Forni
  • Reliability Based Assessment of Rock Socketed Piles at St Brieuc Offshore Wind Farm
    A Bertossa
  • Prediction of Drilling Rates for Large Diameter Monopiles
    F Vantomme, M Y-H. Kuo, D Cathie, T Denois
  • Back Analyses of Monopile Installation in North Sea Sands
    S Holm, R Klinkvort, N Boylan, W-E Semm, K Price, C Clausen
  • Integrated Design Method of Monopile Foundations for Offshore Wind Turbines using a Kinematic Hardening Soil Model
    W Beuckelaers, H Burd, G Houlsby
  • Application of a Numerical-Based Design Method for Laterally Loaded Monopiles in Layered Soils
    Y He, B Byrne, H Burd
  • Pile Driving Assessments, Practical Developments in Reliability for Offshore Wind Farms
    R McLean, A Lambrughi, S Manceau
  • Predicting Long-Term Performance of OWT Foundation using Cyclic Simple Shear Apparatus and DEM Simulations
    L Cui, S Bhattacharya, G Nikitas, J Vimalan
  • Assessment of Pile Length Criteria for Monopile Foundations
    M Achmus, M Terceros F tom Wörden, K Thieken

Geotechnical Design Studies

  • The New ISO 19901-4 Standard for Geotechnical and Foundation Design
    JL Colliat, S Gourvenec, N Morgan, E Clukey, K Schröder, R Ruinen, S Lacasse, R Little
  • Field Studies on the Axial Capacity of Small Diameter Piles and Ageing Effects in Sands
    R Carroll, P Carotenuto, C Dano, I Salama, M Silva, K Gavin, R Jardine
  • Effect of Sampling on Behaviour of Weathered Chalk with Flints
    E Palix, B Souviat, RD Muhammed
  • Field Investigations into the Axial Loading Response of Displacement Piles in Chalk
    RM Buckley, RJ Jardine, S Kontoe, T Liu, E Ushev, BM Lehane, T Pine, F Schroeder, P Barbosa
  • Geotechnical Design of Anchor Piles for Ichthys CPF and FPSO
    C Erbrich, SY Lam, H Zhu, A Derache, A Sato, A Al-Showaiter
  • Hold-Back Anchor Piles with Free-Fall Potential on the Australian North-West Shelf
    M Banimahd, FC Chow, S Tyler, M Senders, R Stewart-Wynne
  • Investigating Drag Anchor Behaviour in Calcareous Materials on the North West Shelf of Australia
    FC Chow, M Banimahd, S Tyler, A Rathmell, M Ostojic, B Holland
  • Remote Intelligent Geotechnical Seabed Surveys – Technology Emerging from the RIGSS JIP
    DJ White, SA Stanier, CD O’Loughlin, SH Chow, MF Randolph, SD Draper, H Mohr, JP Morton, J Peuchen, R Fearon, A Roux, FC Chow
  • A State of the Art Design Approach for Assessing Cyclic Loading on Permanent Mooring Anchors in Carbonate Sediments
    C Erbrich, D O’Driscoll, S Lam, S Frankenmolen
  • Multi-Laboratory Assessments of Cyclic Soil Behaviour
    N Ramsey, S Sharma, F Lee
  • Automation and Control in a Submarine Drill Rig
    AG Arriaga, M Devincenzi, N Pérez, A Deu, M Arroyo
  • Common Pitfalls of Pile Driving Resistance Analysis – A Case Study of the Wikinger Offshore Windfarm
    RM Buckley, S Kontoe, RJ Jardine, M Maron, FC Schroeder, P Barbosa
  • Synthetic CPTs from Intelligent Ground Models based on the Integration of Geology, Geotechnics and Geophysics as a Tool for Conceptual Foundation Design and Soil Investigation Planning
    CF Forsberg, T Lunne, M Vanneste, L James, TI Tjelta, A Barwise, C Duffy

Case Studies

  • Geological, Geophysical and Geotechnical Integration for Cable Burial Assessment
    C Smith, R Haynes, S Thomas
  • Deterministic vs Probabilistic Liquefaction Assessment – A Case Study
    O Zanoli, A Murianni, G Scelsi, P Poggi
  • Johan Sverdrup – Assessment of Soil Material Behaviour and Strength Properties for the Shallow Silt Layer
    E Solhjell, R Carroll, S Strandvik, G Håland
  • Geotechnical Aspects of the Design and Construction of the Malampaya Depletion Compression Platform
    L Lorenti
  • Integration of Geophysical, Geological and Geotechnical Data for Offshore Wind Farms – East Anglia One OWF, Southern North Sea, A Case History
    J Reynolds, L Catt, G Salaün, P Knight, W Cleverly, L Costa
  • BP Clair Ridge: Independent Foundation Assurance For The Capacity Of Driven Piles in Very Hard Soils
    K Hampson, T Evans, R Jardine, P Moran, B Mackenzie, M Rattley
  • Development of 3D Ground Models for Offshore Wind Farms – Rhiannon OWF, Irish Sea
    J Reynolds, L Catt, A Fernandes, P Knight
  • Archaeological Palaeolandscape Assessment for Marine Offshore Development Using Seismic and Geotechnical Data – The UK Experience
    D Lloyd Jones, E Salter
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