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Umbilicals: The Future – Out of print

Seminar proceedings, held 1995

ISBN 0 906940 28 1, Softbound, 1995
Order Reference C11 This book is currently out of print


‘Umbilicals: The Future’ was the title of a Joint Industry Programme that aimed to improve umbilical technology to meet new and more demanding subsea applications. The R&D programme followed on from an OSO study, which found that the industry was not well supported by appropriate international standards or guidelines. The results of the two–year project– sponsored by Amerada Hess, BP, Brasoil, British Gas, Elf, OSO, Shell, Statoil, and Texaco– are comprehensively covered in these proceedings.

  • Development of a High Pressure Thermoplastic Hose – RR Jakeman and PH Knight
  • The Dynamic Response of Thermoplastic Hoses – PS McCarthy and PH Knight
  • Bend–over–Sheave Fatigue Testing of an Electro–Hydraulic Umbilical – DC Ricketts and B Kipling
  • An Investigation of Accelerating Factors in Compatibility Testing of Thermoplastic Hose –
  • D Hutcheson and N Casey
  • Umbilical Modelling and Design, Part 1: Analytical Theory – A Waloen and J Benjaminsen
  • Umbilical Modelling and Design, Part 2: Experimental Work – J Benjaminsen and A Waloen
  • Ultra–Low Permeability Hose Tests – PH Knight and DA Newton
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