Environmental Forces Committee

Chair Prof T Adcock
Secretary  Prof. Shiqiang Yan

R Addlesee
Dr R Ahilan
Prof N Barltrop
Dr WJD Bateman
Prof PW Bearman
F Beiboer
Dr M Birkinshaw
Dr E Buldakov
D Carter
Prof DM Causon
Prof JR Chaplin
Dr M Christou
RL Davies
Dr KR Drake
Prof R Eatock Taylor
AJ Fyfe
Dr R Gibson
Prof D Greaves
G Grewal
S Hall
Dr J Hamilton
Dr G Jeans
M Johnson
I Leggett
Prof QW Ma
AN Moore
Dr A Raby
Dr R Sheikh
Dr E Spentza
Dr J Spinneken
R Sproson
Dr R Standing
Prof P Stansby
Prof C Swan
Prof P Taylor
Dr P Tromans
T van den Bremer
A Watson
W Tan
R Webb
Dr G Weymouth
Dr J Zang

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