Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics Committee

Chair Neil Morgan

Jacqui Adams
Peter Allan
Chris Almond
Ricardo Argiolas
Jon Arthur
Paul Baggaley
Mike Baker
Andy Barwise
Andrew Benson
Emily Boddy
Michael Brown
Nigel Carey
Tim Carrington
Eric Cauquil
David Colliard
William Cleverly
Mick Cook
David Coursey
Michael Cowie
Karen Dalton
Andrew Deeks
Justin Dix
Jim Edmunds
Ian Finnie
Giorgio Giuliani
Scott Gooding
Chris Golightly
Kevin Hampson
Aime Harrison
Majid Hesar
Ray Hobbs
Dei Huws
A Ivanovic
Richard Jardine
Suzanne Lacasse
Thomas Langford
Peter Larkin
Vincent Latron
Mark Lawrence
Dafydd Lloyd-Jones
Tom Lunne
Alisdair MaConochie
Alice Maynard
Rich Metters
Simon Oakley
Richard Orren
Julian Osborne
Miguel Pacheco-Andrade
John Powell
Toby Powell
Oyvind Ruden
David Rushton
Rupert Rowland
Richard Salisbury
Roi Santos
Alex Searle
Felix Schroeder
David White
Phil Wilson
Gareth Wood
Guangquan Xu

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