13th International SUT China Technical Conference

01 November, 2024 - 04 November, 2024


Offshore oil and gas and green energy are major resources to ensure a sustainable industrial development in the future. This event aims to build an open platform for technological exchange, promote the progress of global marine resources exploration and development technology, promote international cooperation between Chinese and foreign universities, enterprises and research institutions, and further enhance the cooperation and exchanges between Chinese universities and enterprises involved in maritime affairs, the 13th International SUT (China) Technical Conference will be held in Tianjin, China, from November 1 to 4, 2024. Well-known domestic academicians will attend as consultants of the conference, and we would like to extend our warmest invitation to experts and scholars from domestic and abroad engaged in scientific research, education, production, application, and other disciplines to discuss the development of offshore resources, engineering equipment and related industrial topics.

The annual SUT China Technical Conference was initiated by SUT China Branch and 12 sessions have been successfully held in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Qingdao, Beijing, Zhoushan, Changsha, Dalian and Haikou, which have been highly recognized by experts and scholars.

With the theme of “Green Development of Marine Energy”, this conference invites distinguished experts and scholars from dozens of universities, research institutes and enterprises in the field of ocean engineering around the world to participate and discuss key topics such as underwater technology, ocean engineering equipment, and development and utilization of ocean resources.

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Abstract submission: September 15, 2024

Full paper submission: October 8, 2024

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Organizing Committee:
Chairman of SUT China Branch: Professor Zhang Yu 张玉
Executive Chairman: Professor Yu Jianxing 余建星, Professor Xu Wanhai 徐万海

Call for Papers

This conference will focus on the following topics (including but not limited to):

A: Development of marine oil and gas and mineral resources
1. Subsea production system
2. Risers and pipelines
3. New ship and offshore platform
4. Smart ocean technology and application
5. Structure safety and reliability
6. Intelligent monitoring, operation and maintenance of ocean engineering equipment
7. Underwater survey and communication
8. Marine engineering test and numerical simulation technology
9. Marine resources mining technology and equipment

B: Marine renewable energy development
1. Renewable energy equipment such as offshore wind turbines, photovoltaic devices and wave energy converters
2. Development, monitoring, operation and maintenance of offshore renewable energy equipment
3. Grid connection of offshore renewable energy generation
4. Storage and conversion of offshore renewable energy
5. Integrated development of offshore renewable energy