MetOcean – Applications for Big Data and Wave Propelled Unmanned Surface Vessels

15 February, 2018


AutoNaut: Wave-propelled Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) for MetOcean.

AutoNaut USV is a long-duration oceanic platform that can act as a survey vessel and/or “unmoored buoy”. This enables a novel method for the acquisition of MetOcean data. This presentation will give an overview of the AutoNaut’s technical capabilities, with examples of missions undertaken in conjunction with the Met Office, PML and the oil and gas industry.

Presenter: Phil Johnston – AutoNaut

Phil Johnston has a background working at sea as an offshore environmental consultant. He specialised in the effects of underwater anthropogenic noise and passive acoustic monitoring for marine mammals. Phil now leads business development for AutoNaut USV.

‘MetOcean: Challenges and Practical Application of Big Data’

Presenter: Robin Stephens – BMT

The presentation will consider the concept and impacts of ‘Big Data’ in the context of applied meteorology and oceanography, particularly in the offshore industry. Examples will be presented including large, fine-resolution ocean basin numerical model simulations, and high temporal resolution in-situ measurement systems. There will be discussion about what physical processes are important and operationally limiting in particular ocean basins, and how they can best be quantified. Consideration will be given to necessity, affordability, fitness for purpose and economic sustainability of some wonderful technical capabilities that have come to fruition during a time of major challenge to the deep water oil and gas business.

Robin Stephens manages the MetOcean consultancy group at BMT ARGOSS. He has 36 years’ experience in applied physical oceanography and maritime civil engineering. Robin graduated in Civil Engineering from the University of Bristol in 1981, and later undertook a Masters’ degree in Physical Oceanography at Bangor University. He is a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Marine Scientist.

Robin’s experience has been predominantly in the commercial sector, working on projects in many countries throughout the world, across a diverse range of client sectors, including oil and gas, renewables, maritime and coastal engineering and shipping. He has spent periods of employment in conventional maritime civil engineering, maritime engineering research and development, commercial applied physical oceanography and the commercial application of applied ocean modelling and remote sensing. His experience has included senior level technical, commercial and managerial responsibilities.

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