Aberdeen Branch AGM and Dinner

12 December, 2013


2013 Market Outlook/Global Opportunities

16 January 2013 Aberdeen Branch Breakfast Seminar

Chairman Neil Gordon, Subsea UK







The Offshore Oil and Gas Industry – Macro Trends and Threats
Edward Richardson, Associate Analyst, Infield

In a presentation analysing the offshore oil and gas market, Edward Richardson discusses recent trends in global exploration and production. Edward outlines the macroeconomic context, energy supply and demand fundamentals and long–term price analysis. He also touches upon field sanction point studies and discuss key themes currently affecting the offshore industry including deepwater, harsh environments and the impact of unconventional resources.

The presentation draws upon Infield’s proprietary modeling system to forecast Capex across various project types to provide participants with a clear understanding of the threats and opportunities in this fast moving sector.

The Subsea Market – Update on the Capital Markets and the M & A Environment.
Mike Beveridge, Managing Director, Simmons & Co

In this presentation, Mike gives an update on the capital and financing markets, talking through some major themes which are driving offshore and subsea activity both in the North Sea and internationally.

New Technologies Impacting the Subsea Market in 2013
Greg Herrera, Partner Energy Ventures

Technology developments can play a key role in projects, both in greenfield and brownfield sites. Greg presents on a selection which are currently making an impact and discuss the challenges which technology developers often face in bringing solutions to market.