Aberdeen Branch Webinar – Life Cycle of a North Sea Decommissioning Project Series

OPRED - What is decommissioning?

16 June, 2021



Offshore Petroleum Regulator for Environment and Decommissioning (OPRED) – What is decommissioning?
It’s not just End of field life, it’s lifespan from Field Development Programme to Decommissioning Programme, to future use.

Wednesday 16th June 2021 – 1330-1430hrs BST

This is the fourth & final Presentation in a Virtual Series of Events, Life Cycle of a North Sea Decommissioning Project Audrey Banner – Head of Decommissioning Programme and Policy

  • Background to OPRED and BEIS
  • UK and international legislation and how we translate these into the UK decommissioning guidance notes
  • OSPAR, decision 98/3, derogations and considerations
  • Technology development and Technology advancement joint industry project
  • OPRED as regulators, working with Operators, industry, contractors and interaction with Stakeholders (HSE, HMT, HMRC, OGA and SEPA)
  • What is decommissioning – its not just end of field life – Lifecycle of interaction with OPRED, Field Development Programme to Decommissioning Programme
  • Decommissioning programmes large and small – example of an OSPAR decom programme and a small subsea decommissioning programme
  • Comparative assessments
  • Pipeline decommissioning and Pipeline bundles
  • CCUS, reuse, and repurposing
  • Liability in perpetuity and monitoring of pipelines left in situ
  • Financial Governance, decommissioning security agreements, security and asset and company sales.
  • Levels of decommissioning going forward