Aberdeen Evening Meeting – New Ways of Doing Projects

20 June, 2018


Ratnam Sathananthan, Subsea7
Subsea Processing and Cold Flow Technology for extended oil and gas developments

For longer distance tiebacks and ultra-deep waters, wax management poses some problems that even passive insulation and active heating struggle to deal with. Cold flow is a production concept still under development, using a combination of technologies such as subsea processing for water separation, chemical inhibition and cooling, to allow transportation of wax without deposition.

Lee Thomas, Worley Parsons
Pseudo Dry Gas – Long Subsea Tie Back Gas Technology

Due to the laws of physics and multiphase flow, subsea tie back systems are generally limited to approximately 110km as a single pipeline or 150km as dual pipelines after which the production plateaus are shortened and increasing amounts of reserves remain in the ground. Intermittent in-line separation with segregated transport of the
associated liquid phase is an innovative new technology to allow long distance gas tie-backs without the need of compression. Additionally, hydraulic constraints on line size and turndown are removed, leading to improved recovery.

Campbell Elder & Neil Davidson, BHGE
Sustainable Project Execution

The oil and gas industry has turned a corner, with low oil prices driving more effective working practices and cost reduction to create a more sustainable industry. Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), is embracing new ways of working between operators and vendors, reducing operational waste and taking cost out through investment in automation and 3D printing and providing solutions such as the lightweight compact subsea tree that will reduce total cost of ownership for customers.

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