Aberdeen Evening Meeting – Subsea Optimisation and Maximising Efficiency

The Sir Ian Wood Building, RGU, Garthdee Road Aberdeen, AB10 7QB

10 October, 2018


The subsea industry has advanced at a significant rate since inception in the 1960s. How do we manage diversity across vendors, operators and applications? How do we cope with the historic approach of customised supply for each project, and how can we make operations easier for the subsea industry of the future, currently going through a rejuvenation? “Optimisation and Maximising Efficiency” seeks to discuss latest initiatives providing standardisation and optimisation to the subsea industry, improving efficiency and maximising economic recovery.

Shreekant Mehta, OTM
JIPs are about collaborating to push the boundaries of technology, and an excellent way to optimise and realise efficiency savings. A subset of JIPs run by OTM focus on standardising technology – still through collaboration, but with a different end goal.
With 25 years experience of starting and running JIPs, OTM will present the remit of some of the standardisation JIPs that we have undertaken and completed, and some that are currently running.
We will bring these to life by discussing practices implemented to drive joint industry efforts to success – driving optimisation and efficiency.

Anthony Clarke, BEL Valves
Engineered Products
An illustration of the savings and efficiencies achievable through the standardisation of specifications, design, project processing and project management.

Alistair Birnie, Ashtead Technology
Deploying Innovation in a Standardised World
Standardisation can inhibit and at times block evolving technologies and innovation that could lead to cost reduction and higher quality data. However there are ways to mitigate this through management of interfaces and functionality at the appropriate level that can open up standardised systems to allow innovation to continue, particularly for information based systems. This issue continues to grow in subsea infrastructure, offshore survey & IRM applications where technologies continue to move faster and become more sophisticated.

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