Aberdeen – Gadgets and Widgets

30 August, 2023



The SUT is pleased to return with the very popular Gadgets and Widgets evening meeting on 30 August 2023 at Aberdeenshire Cricket Club, Morningside Road, Aberdeen, AB10 7FB

This meeting features short-fire presentations on nine of the latest technology developments. The presentation session will be followed by a buffet and networking session where audience and presenters can interact, and potentially see some demonstrations of working equipment or software.

  1. Advanced tracking, detection, and AI algorithms: How Teledyne’s hydrographic solutions are evolving to meet the needs of a new generation of remote and autonomous vehicles, Ed Cheesman – Teledyne
  2. The Ocean Aurora Remote Survey Vessel (RSV): Development and Advantages, Alasdair Cowie – MCS Oil
  3. ISA500: Altitude, Attitude, FMD, and now… Echogram!, Asser Awaad – Impact Subsea
  4. Cutting Edge: Subsea Data Centers, Maxie Reynolds – Subsea Cloud
  5. Rotech Subsea – RS3 controlled flow excavation tool development, Kevin Ingram – Rotech Subsea
  6. 3D scanning for retro-fit design, Richard Drennan – Viewport3
  7. So MUX to do in so little time, Joseph Souter – Imenco
  8. TrustLink Hybrid – The Next Generation Connector, Chris Wallace – MacArtney
  9. Origin – The Latest In Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling, Alan MacDonald – Sonardyne