An in-depth view of subsea architecture and systems

10 April, 2014


An In Depth View of Subsea Architecture and Systems

10 April 2014 London Evening Meeting



Chair: Iain Knight, Wood Group Kenny

Speaker: John Pierson, FMC Technologies

John is currently based in London serving as the Sales Manager for the Caspian, Mediterranean, and East Africa in the subsea business unit of FMC Technologies. He has been with the company since 2003 and has held a variety of positions in engineering, sales, and commercial strategy for their subsea division. John holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M and an MBA from Duke University.

The evening consisted of an up close view of the subsea arena using a type of 3D simulator that allows the user to fly around the underwater environment.

In the offshore world today as operators move into deeper waters with more complex completions and the thought of integrating technology solutions like subsea processing, they want to better understand what equipment suppliers like FMC Technologies can offer. The 3D simulator allows the viewer an up close view of the seafloor to witness how the architecture is arranged and how their subsea fields can be optimized. From looking at the difference between horizontal and vertical trees, to watching different types of connectors be made up, to seeing different internal parts of subsea separators and booster pumps, all of this is possible with the interactive software.

FMC started developing the software almost 10 years ago and now uses it in panoramic theatres at each of the major global trade shows, including OTC, ONS, OE, and AOG. John took some time to fly through various examples that you might have seen at one of the shows and even opened up some time for questions and allow the audience to choose which projects to see. He even let audience members use the controller themselves so they can experience the interactive feel!