At-sea energy transfer for uncrewed platforms

London Tech Bridge – Tea & Tech Industry Engagement

27 July, 2023


An Outreach Event from the London Tech Bridge and Naval X

Companies are invited to submit their interest in presenting at the upcoming event on the challenges for uncrewed surface and subsurface vessels:

Problem Statement:  Currently, small uncrewed surface and subsurface vessels lack the range and endurance desired to support maritime sensing requirements.  To achieve range and endurance goals, we seek technologies that support refueling or recharging of uncrewed systems.

How may we integrate emerging technologies to successfully dock two systems at sea and/or transfer energy without a human in the loop?

Some considerations:

  • These systems may include surface or subsurface vessels or platforms.
  • We are interested in vessel-to-vessel docking/transfer, as well as platform-to-vessel docking/transfer. The platform could be a floating or seabed charging station, or similar semi-fixed platform.
  • Energy may be transferred as fuel or electricity.
  • Consider that docking should be able to take place in moderate sea states.
  • Ideally, docking and transfer would be completed without any human interaction.
  • Energy transfer rates should support reasonable refuel/recharge times.
  • Contactless transfer of energy could potentially alleviate the need for docking. Contactless methods are of interest if possible in the maritime environment.
  • Docking and energy transfer should be done in a way to minimize any adverse impacts to the environment or sea life.

Interested in presenting?  Contact London Tech Bridge: Marc Christino, [email protected]  with a short explanation of how your company’s product or technology (even in development) can address some or all of the problem statement.

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