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18 November, 2013


Gadgets and Widgets

18 September 2013 Aberdeen

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Chairman Jim Mann, Fugro


Olympic Spoolbase
Mike Wilson, Managing Director, Ecosse Subsea Systems

So you think you want to enter the reeled rigid pipe market, you’ve invested >£200million a lay vessel so you’re good to go? WRONG, but we have the solution.

Micron INS Technology Platform
Chris MacFarlane, Sales Engineer, Tritech International Ltd

Providing stabilization for small underwater vehicle USBL Tracking and Positioning Systems, and extended ROV control feedback

Innovations in the Condition Monitoring of Subsea Electrical Circuits
Jeremy Edwards , Operations Manager, Viper Subsea LLP

The majority of subsea production control systems will suffer electrical integrity failures at some stage during their operational life;Viper Subsea will present some of their technology developments which address the problem of locating faults in complex subsea distribution circuits.

The Big Mother Ass Arm and Other Splash Zone Tools
Tim Eley, Business Developer, Linjebygg Offshore AS (LBO)

ROV tools and techniques in the splash zone – where ROV’s & Divers fear to go!

Subsea Leak Defection Systems
Brian Hector, Technical Director, Bowtech Products Ltd

Subsea Video based Detection System/s for identifying leaks in hydrocarbon pipelines and subsea wellhead equipment.

An Innovative Subsea Lifting Development System Using a Unique Pumpable Deepwater Buoyancy Liquid Gel
Serena Arif, Subsea Business Director, Aubin Ltd

The requirement of low density materials with high compressive strength to provide subsea lifting down to 3000m has traditionally resulted in the use of syntactic foam; currently being disrupted by the introduction of a precise means of placing, recovering & moving structures on the seabed by pumping a low density incompressible liquid gel from one holding receptacle to a controlling receptacle, enabling fine control/trim/ballast.

The Ultrasonic Scanning of Flexible Risers
Stewart Duthie, Manager, Flexible Pipe Technology & Engineering, Flexlife

A review of Flexlife’s innovative methods and equipment forof-critical subsea assets.

Online Bop Motion Monitoring For Early Warning of Conductor Fatigue
Brian Taylor, Business Development Manager EMEA Region, Pulse Structural Monitoring

An overview of problems affecting wellhead and conductor fatigue, followed by a case study depicting how real time structural monitoring has been used to mitigate these issues.

C-Kore Subsea Monitoring System
Tim Overfield, Managing Director, C-Kore Systems Ltd

The C-Kore System allows continual monitoring of the electrical integrity of subsea jumpers, umbilicals and modules prior to connector makeup thus identifying problems and reducing faultfinding costs.