Global Offshore Prospects

16 February, 2012


Global Offshore Prospects

16 February 2012 London Evening Meeting

Chairman Bob Allwood, Chief Executive, SUT

Sponsored by Douglas-Westwood







The energy business has proved to be resilient over the last 12 months and certain sectors have in fact seen record levels of activity. Douglas-Westwood continued their renowned ‘Global Offshore Prospects’ series of presentations with an evening event hosted by the Society of Underwater Technology.

Steve Robertson, Rod Westwood and Gouri Kumar presented the firm’s outlook for the coming years and considered whether the offshore business will continue to build on the current buoyant position or whether the European sovereign debt crisis and threat of wider global economic downturn will start to be felt. Analysis was drawn from the firm’s published research and extensive proprietary in-house data, in addition to the insight and experience gained from the many advisory and transactions engagements completed throughout 2011. Specific sector focus included offshore capex and operations, offshore drilling, subsea production and associated services and technology. Gouri also provided an update on the latest outlook for marine renewable energy.



Steve Robertson, Director, Douglas-Westwood

Rod Westwood, Manager, Douglas-Westwood

Gouri Kumar, Senior Analyst, Douglas-Westwood