20 January, 2011




20 January 2011 London Evening Meeting

Chairman Dr Bob Allwood, Chief Executive, SUT

Sponsored by Subsea Communities and supported by Acteon







HPHT fields and projects pose unique operating challenges that we believe the industry can overcome together. To address this, Acteon is building an industrial community where knowledge and experience can be shared for the benefit of all involved. This evening’s meeting is hosted by Will Rowley, Acteon Group, Analyst responsible for the Acteon Subsea Communities. The evening’s speakers presented information on HPHT (Seabed to Surface) that would typically be presented at a Community Event.



HPHT Trends, Definitions and Issues

Will Rowley, Group Analyst, Acteon

Drawing on recently correlated data, this presentation provided an overview of current trends and influences in regards to HPHT projects and field developments. It  also introduced the Acteon led HPHT (Seabed to Surface) Industrial Community, highlighting the aims and benefits of working together to overcome the challenges that the industry will face in the future.


HPHT Subsea Design

John McGrail, Director, 2H Offshore

As a global engineering contractor that specialises in the design and structural analysis of risers and conductor systems, 2H has direct experience of the key challenges of designing subsea equipment for HPHT service. John identified and discussed the difficulties faced in the design of riser and flowline systems for HPHT conditions, highlighting the technologies and step changes required for future progress.


Riser Systems and Connection Options

Rick Moralee, Sales Manager, Claxton Engineering

Holding one of the largest jack-up drilling riser stocks in Europe, Claxton is at the forefront of HPHT riser system operation and deployment. This presentation provided an overview of HP drilling riser systems with particular attention to connection options and the associated operational advantages.