Internal Corrosion Management of Complex Pipelines

23 January, 2013


Internal Corrosion Management of Complex Pipelines

23 January 2013 Newcastle, UK

Chairman: Dr Andrew Pople






How to develop & deliver thick wall multi diameter offshore inspection solutions: a case study
Martin Bluck
, Product Manager Metal Loss, Geometry, & Mapping, PII Pipeline Solutions

This paper ocused on case studies on the successful inspection of deep sea pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Black Sea describing the technical challenges faced, the solutions developed, and the resulting successful inspection programs. In addtion to the case studies a generic approach was described to developing solutions for complex off‐shore tpplications which manages the technical & commercial risk for both operator & ILI vendor in delivering an holistic inspection

Corrosion Diagnosis using In‐Line Inspection Data
Cheryl Argent
, Senior Integrity Engineer, MaCaw Engineering

Gathering sufficient knowledge about the pipeline and knowing how to best analyse the available information has become critical to ensuring the long term integrity of pipelines. Inspection using in‐line intelligent tools provides the clearest picture of the condition of the pipeline. The information gathered from these inspections can then support numerous integrity related activities such as; Corrosion Assessment & Diagnosis, Corrosion Growth Assessment and Remnant Life Assessment & Corrosion Management Strategy.

This presentation focuses on how in‐line inspection data can aid the diagnosis of internal and external corrosion mechanisms in pipelines and risers. The presentation also discusses the influence of other input data such as, CP surveys, product monitoring data, elevation profile, mapping data, in field / subsea verification.