International Salvage & Decommissioning Committee Third Annual Conference

19 March, 2013


International Salvage & Decommissioning Committee Third Annual Conference

19 March 2013 London, UK

Chair: Moya Crawford, Deep Tek Ltd





The SUT’s International Salvage & Decommissioning Committee aims to bring the salvage, oil and gas, wet renewables and insurance industries together with marine scientists to address the issues associated with the management of man-made objects in the marine environment.

Now, having successfully brought interested people from all these disparate disciplines together, it’s third annual conference focuses on the Environmental Impact, Liability of Subsea Objects and Working Practice as all three are intrinsically linked.

This conference homed in on the following key issues:

  • How the Marine Environment is affected by man–made structures.
  • The effect of time on both theses structures and their contents.
  • What liability attaches to them, and how this is covered?
  • What are the onsite requirements and how best to tackle them with the preservation of life foremost in mind?
  • Which tasks require specialist skills and experience – be it from the oil and gas or salvage sector?


Attendees of this event can view the presentations on the password protected page.