2015 International Ocean Technology Conference & Expo

(IOTCE 2015)

01 September, 2015 - 04 September, 2015


Qingdao, Shandong, P.R.China

The 2015 International Ocean Technology Conference & Expo (IOTCE 2015) takes place in the heart of the rapidly expanding Blue Economic Zone in Shandong Peninsula, Qinqdao. It is a platform for the international and cooperative development of the national marine economy, in support of the offshore oil & gas, oceanographic, environmental and maritime industries around the world. IOTCE 2015 is a bridge for communication, and a showcase platform for engineers, scientists, and industry professionals to share exchange ideas in their industries, and expand their network. IOTCE 2015 includes a state-of-the-art marine science & technology and equipment exhibition, and a large-scale international academic conference.

The IOTCE Conference offers a unique experience for technology developers looking to broaden their customer base, and for engineering and project management companies looking to continue to grow their client network. Qingdao is the capital of the marine economy in China, and is home to hundreds of companies in all fields related to the marine industry.

The Marine Industry Cooperation Forum (MICF) will take place alongside IOTCE 2015. Attendees can take advantage of a valuable opportunity to synergize technology development and economic growth, all while building valuable cross-industry networks.

Consider attending IOTCE 2015 if you are interested in any of the following:

  • Hearing from the industry’s brightest on latest technology developments
  • Getting first-hand exposure to state-of-the-art industry technology
  • Rapidly expanding your customer base in an opening market
  • Exploring the growing marine industry in China
  • Expanding your network!

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