Maximising the Life of Subsea Assets

17 November, 2011


Maximising the Life of Subsea Assets


17 November 2011 London Evening Meeting

Chairman Dr Bob Allwood, Chief Executive, SUT


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Advances in Subsea Integrity Monitoring

Dr Geoff Lyons – Principal Director, BPP-TECH

The presentation covered some of BPP-TECH’s experience and new developments in the integrity monitoring of Moorings (POSMON, CHAMON, OSCAR), Tensioned Risers (RMS), Flexible Risers and SCRS (DRIFT), Umbilicals (FUMS), Pipelines (Fibre Optics) and Cables (Fibre optics). Often innovative, the work includes the development and promotion of fibre optic strain and temperature sensing applied to umbilicals, pipelines (slugging, hydrate and wax plugging detection), risers, and polyester deep-water moorings. Recent developments include the comprehensive Riser Management Systems for tensioned risers (principally drilling and intervention), and high specification radiography of risers in deep water.

Geoff is a founding director of BPP-TECH. For over thirty years he has specialised principally in the project management of fixed, floating, and subsea systems, including design, analysis, and measurement activities, typically biased to deep-water developments, particularly with floating production systems. Previously, as a senior academic at University College London, he was involved in research into moorings, risers and TLPs.


Dynamic Subsea Cables – Recent Developments for Extended Asset Life

Steve Rossiter – Senior Engineer, BPP-TECH

This presentation covered:

  • Introduction to BPP-Cables
  • Dynamic Power Cable Development Drivers
  • Subsea Cable Risks
  • Recent Developments in Cable Design, Analysis & Monitoring
  • Recent Developments in Test Procedures
  • Case study – HV Dynamic Subsea Cable Design through to Qualification

Steve gained his MEng in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Sheffield and joined BPP in 2007. He has worked mainly on new technology development, and recently project managed the HV power cable design improvement and testing for Norske Shell. Steve is experienced in the use of OrcaFlex for dynamic cable modelling and develops BPP Cables in-house cross section analysis tools in Python.