Middle East – Decommissioning – Technologies, Case Studies & Solutions to Challenges in the Middle-East

24 January, 2023



Tuesday 24th January 2023 | 18:00 at Mubarak Marine DMC, Dubai

Registration Fees – This event is free to attend, but booking is essential.

The complete focus of the offshore industry is naturally geared toward designing, fabricating, and installing our assets for the sole purpose of supporting production. But what about the end of life, when the assets are too old, or can no longer support, or are too old for production? The decommissioning options must be considered before an asset ends its production life. There are many options for this operation from the P&A through the removal process. The SUT Middle East is pleased to have Claxton, Ashtead Technology, and James Fisher Decommissioning, three companies working in the region, who specialize in the removal of subsea infrastructure, structure and jacket removal, well severance, and subsea well abandonment with a long track record in the Middle East Region.

Click below for the presentations.

What is decommissioning? – brief overview

James Fisher Decommissioning – Jacket and subsea infrastructure removal. Technologies and Decommissioning case studies from the Middle East region.

Claxton – Well Plug & Abandonment case studies and lessons learned from well abandonment and end-of-life projects.

Ashtead Technology – Subsea Infrastructure decommissioning techniques & case studies.


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