New Projects (Operators)

09 May, 2012


New Projects (Operators)

9 May 2012 Aberdeen Branch Evening Meeting

Chairman Dr John Lawson, Senior Technical Advisor, Chevron


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The meeting presented interesting new subsea projects being developed by Apache North Sea and Chevron. The Apache presentation concentrated on the current and future North Sea projects; Bacchus subsea tie-back, SSIV installation, and pipeline lay in Forties and the development of the Beryl area with regard to IRM and future subsea tie-backs. The Chevron presentation concentrated on the global subsea development portfolio and the role of new technology as an enabler to these projects with particular reference to Gorgon, Jack St Malo, Rosebank and Alder.



Apache North Sea

Mark Richardson, Apache Projects Group Manager and Paul Williams, Apache North Sea Subsea Projects and Operations Manager

The Apache North Sea presentation covered:

  • Introduction
  • Ongoing projects
  • Contracting strategies
  • Future planned subsea works
  • Future subsea opportunities



Peter Blake, Subsea System Manager, Chevron

Chevron current and future subsea projects:

  • Chevron global subsea project portfolio
  • Role of technology
  • Jack St Malo
  • Gorgon
  • Rosebank
  • Alder
  • Future developments



Dr James Sinfield, The University of Edinburgh

Dr Sinfield presented a short presentation on a new test facility which is being built to create sea states including currents, waves and splash zones.