Perth – Mentoring Program Workshop 3

20 July, 2021


In 2021, SUT teamed up again with Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists, Engineers Australia, Petroleum Club of WA, Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA) , Society of Petroleum Engineers WA (SPE), Subsea Energy Australia (SEA) and Women in Subsea Engineering (WISE), to put on a co-hosted mentoring program and give everyone the opportunity to broaden their professional network.

Our third learning workshop for 2021 will present – Networking Made Easy with RON GIBSON

Not everyone finds networking easy, but it’s a big part of being successful in your career or business. So it’s important to be good at it.

If you’ve been wondering…

?  Why is it so hard to carry on a CONVERSATION?  How do I EXPAND my network?

?  How do I network if I’M AN INTROVERT?

?  I’m WORKING REMOTELY, how do I keep networking?

?  Would I get that JOB OR PROMOTION if I was better at networking?

?  How do I RECONNECT with people in my network who I have fallen out of touch with?

?  How do I turn networking into ACTUAL BUSINESS?

?  What is the SECRET to networking? …

… then you won’t want to miss this event.

Your presenter, Ron Gibson, is a recognised leader in the field of networking. His 150-plus presentations each year distil nearly three decades of practical networking know-how he has gained from building his own successful business, exclusively from relationships he builds and a strong word-of-mouth reputation. In this workshop, Ron will share specific how-to advice for making networking easy, effective and rewarding.

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