Perth – OSIGp GeoForum

10 November, 2021


We invite you to attend the next OSIGp GeoForum on Wednesday 10 November at 5 PM – WA State Library.

Perth GeoForum is a technical evening event featuring a selection of 15-minute long presentations, Geomatics showcasing contributions of Perth-based (geo)scientists, academics and engineers on any offshore topics related to the advancement of knowledge and the practice of the 4Gs: Geomatics, Geology, Geophysics & Geotechnical Engineering.

This event will feature the following presentations:

Steve Duffield

Guardian Geomatics

Myra Keep

University of Western Australia

And with live, on-line presentations from:

Danilo Gianni Zeppilli

Umass Dartmouth

Shiaohuey Chow

University of Melbourne

Please see event flyer with presentation details here.