Renewables (Installations)

28 November, 2012


Renewables (Installations)

28 November 2012 Aberdeen Evening Meeting

Chairman: David Kaye, Aquamarine Power







The construction of offshore wind farms provides steadily increasing work for the subsea construction industry. Business prospects are positive as the industry looks towards the UK Round 3 offshore wind developments. This meeting will look at various aspects of installation of offshore wind turbines and associated infrastructure, including wind turbine installation methods, new developments in cable and foundation installation, and closing with a project overview from the perspective of an offshore wind developer


Installation of Cables and Foundations

Paul Davidson and Clive Adshead, SMD

Overview of Wind Turbine Generator Installation Methods Glen Mitchell, Wood Group Kenny 4271 Providing adequate production for interconnecting and export cable on offshore wind, tidal or wave installations is a vital component to ensure reliability of supply for the life of the installation. The presentation will provide an in–depth review of the latest generations of cable trenching systems designed specifically for the renewables market and real–world performance of these machines in the field. SMD will also expand on its latest JV with BORD engineering, allowing offshore renewable installations to consider subsea piling as an economical and safe fixation method for offshore renewables devices.

Overview to Offshore Wind Farm Developments

Nick Rey, Wood Group Kenny

The turbines in existing UK Round 1 and Round 2 offshore wind farms have principally been installed using technologies and methodologies developed from onshore experience. However, to meet the increasing logistical demands associated with the planned UK Round 3 and Scottish Territorial Waters Sites, wind turbine installation methodologies are being further developed and optimised. The presentation will provide an overview to the principal methods of wind turbine installation undertaken offshore and highlight the opportunities for time and cost reduction during installation operations.

An Overview of the Inch Cape Offshore Wind Farm Development

Richard Copeland, Repsol Nuevas Energías UK

The proposed Inch Cape Offshore Wind Farm is a 1GW development in Scottish Territorial Waters located off the Angus Coast being developed by a joint venture between Repsol Nuevas Energías UK (51%) and EDPR UK (49%). The presentation will give an overview of the project development process for a real offshore wind farm project including the site characteristics, consenting, conceptual design and all of the issues that an offshore wind developer is presented with.