ROV Technologies

18 April, 2012


ROV Technologies

18 April 2012 Aberdeen Branch Evening Meeting

Chairman Jim Mann, ROV Manager, Fugro SSD

Sponsored by Schilling Robotics, Forum Subsea Technologies and Fugro


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ROV Systems and Technology are crucial tools in the offshore oil and gas industry, now and in the future. As project developments move into ever more challenging and deeper water, and the requirements of IRM operations escalate with increasing numbers of ageing assets, the industry’s ability to maintain its existing infrastructure and develop new fields is dependent on the capabilities of the ROV Systems and their associated technologies.



ROV Technologies Introduction

Jim Mann, ROV Manager, Fugro SSD


Latest Advances in Automated Subsea Intervention

Peter MacInnes, VP Sales & Marketing, Schilling Robotics, LLC

Robotic manipulators are required to perform the vast majority of subsea intervention tasks, but still rely heavily on the skill and experience of the operator. The challenge is not only limited to performing the manipulative task itself, but also requires the host ROV to maintain a stable position during the execution of the operation. This presentation explained the latest advancements in developing an integrated system which enables the ROV to maintain accurate position, while using vision based technologies to perform automated intervention with the robotic manipulator. The ability to consistently and accurately perform routine tasks as well as complex operations using real-time visual data processing techniques was demonstrated with several practical scenarios.


ROV Tooling

Stephen Walton, Global ROV Manager, Forum Subsea Technologies

ROV tooling needs have come a long way in the last 10 years, with tooling requirements becoming more and more complex as the industry progresses. Historically the ROV has been key to getting the job done. Whilst obviously the job can’t be done without it, the ROV has gone from being the main workhorse to the platform that delivers tooling to where it is needed. Operationally it seems that nearly every day there are new tools being asked for, more pressure, more flow, smaller, faster, and cheaper! That is the challenge and the opportunity that was presented.


ROV Technology Applications

Ian Murray, Business Development Manager, Fugro Subsea Services Ltd

After more than 40 years of history, ROV subsea solutions engineering continues to develop and rise to the challenges being presented today; Fugro Subsea Services Ltd (FSSL) overviewed a variety of recent projects involving bespoke ROV tooling solutions in challenging shallow and deep subsea environments, highlighting the cost effectiveness of this type of intervention.