South West England – Digitalization: The next technology frontier for the marine sector

20 September, 2018


The Met Office, FitzRoy Road, Exeter EX1 3PB

Digitalization is referred to as the fourth industrial revolution and is transforming the very nature of the marine landscape. The latest advances in technology are generating vast volumes of data resulting in significant opportunities and risks. The aim of the session is to explore different perspectives of the marine sector including the latest technological advances, how innovation is unlocking this value and practical case studies examples of the next generation of decision-making tools.

Generators of Big Data
Charlie Ewen– CIO of the Met Office. The Met Office are experts in transforming big data into relevant products and services. Charlie will illustrate how the Met Office harness the latest technological advances to maintain our world leading position in weather and climate science.

Big Data into decision-making tools
Richard Flemmings Operations Director- TCARTA-. Leveraging a history of providing bathymetric and seafloor mapping data for marine applications. Carta is one of the first commercial providers of high resolution Satellite Derived Bathymetry. Satellite Derived Bathymetry provides water depth data in coastal and near shore areas and is created using advanced algorithms in combination with multispectral satellite imagery.
DashBoard- Piers Corfield CEO, Founder and principal architect behind Dashboard, an Industrial IoT solutions provider, Piers has previously been a founding director in three technology start-ups, and an experienced consultant in the field of business and process improvement through communications, hosted systems architecture, enterprise mobility and electronic security

The Future- Marine Digitalization
Exeter University- Dr. Prathyush P Menon Senior Lecturer, Centre for Systems, Dynamics and Control
The future opportunities for big data to support autonomous and control vehicles.

All – minute summary of the each perspective of what the future is for their business.
Questions and networking.

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