SPE Aberdeen – 4D Seismic History Matching

Sandman Hotel, St Andrews Street, Aberdeen, AB25 1AD

19 June, 2019


4D Seismic History Matching.

Paul Mitchell, TAQA & SPE Distinguished Lecturer


Abstract: This presentation will show how time-lapse or 4D seismic data can be used as an additional constraint to history match reservoir models in a 4D Seismic History Matching (4D SHM) workflow. 4D SHM is the process of developing reservoir models that are consistent with both the observed production data and the 4D seismic data.

A case study will be presented where 4D SHM was applied to the Harding and Gryphon fields in the North Sea. It was used to develop regional geological and simulation models for a major gas development project. The combination of geological knowledge, reservoir simulation and 4D SHM led to greater confidence in the final models. 4D SHM is an evolving technology, so the presentation will conclude with a discussion on the current status of the technology and some of its research and development directions.

Biography: Paul Mitchell is the Discipline Lead for Geophysics at TAQA in the UK and is a technical authority for geophysics within the company. Paul has thirty years of experience in exploration, development and production geophysics from around the world. He spent a number of years working in ExxonMobil’s Upstream Research Centre in Houston specialising in seismic depth imaging, 3D volume interpretation and 4D seismic. He is currently working within a multi-disciplinary team developing subsurface models for a large gas development project in the North Sea. He is the Founding President of the EAGE Local Chapter in Aberdeen and is Chair of the SPE Seismic2018 conference.

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