Perth – SPE/SUT/SEA/EA Mentoring Programme Wrap Up

04 December, 2018



Mentors and Mentees – let’s celebrate!

Join us for the last official meeting of the Industry Mentoring Program – it’s time to celebrate.  You stuck with the program, you built a relationship, and if all went according to plan, you transformed personally and professionally (yes, mentors, too!). Revel in your success.

When you work on something for nine to 12 months,  it only makes sense to acknowledge all the effort that went into this “project”—just as you would any other project you worked on for over a year and successfully completed.

Claudio Pellegrini, our program coordinator (SPE WA) for next year, will introduce the new team, give an update on the feed-back from the recent survey and discuss some details and expectations for next year’s program. You will also hear from mentors and mentees about their experiences of the program and “’what is next’’ in your relationship with your mentor/mentee.

After this brief session, we will all go to the Mayfair and share a drink to your success!

We hope to see you all there!

Date – Tuesday, 4th December
Time – 5:15pm (5:30pm start) to 6:30pm
Venue – Engineers Australia Auditorium, West Perth
Registration click here 

Note – this event is FREE and is for registered mentors/mentees of our industry mentoring program only.