Subsea Pipeline Design and Installation – Reducing the Risks

13 May, 2014


Subsea Pipeline Design and Installation –
Reducing the Risks

13 May 2014 London Lunch & Learn Meeting

Chair: Brian Jones, London Offshore Consultants

Speaker: Trevor Jee, Managing Director, Jee Ltd

This session will be presented by Trevor Jee, Managing Director of Jee Ltd, and will provide attendees with an insight into the subsea oil and gas industry. Attendees will gain an appreciation of the primary steps involved in pipeline design, construction and installation. The associated risks and appropriate mitigations will also be discussed, drawing on real-life case study examples to highlight what could potentially go wrong and lessons learnt from previous projects.

Trevor Jee’s distinguished career in the oil and gas industry has spanned 35 years, with the majority of that spent at the helm of his own company. As the managing director of Jee Ltd, which is now in its 26th year of business, Trevor has led the way in completing successful projects and implemented global training courses that have set the standard for industry best practice.

Trevor holds an MA and Honours degree in Engineering Science from Oxford University. He started Jee in 1988 following nearly a decade with BP and has developed a broad range of experience of pipelines from managing engineering projects for major operators such as BP, Subsea 7, ExxonMobil and Statoil.

In addition, he has contributed to numerous industry codes and standards such as PD8010 for onshore and offshore pipelines and ISO21369 on testing mechanical connectors for use in pipelines.