SUT Lunchtime Webinar – the Poseidon / Kanyon nuclear AUV

An unclassified overview of Russia's nuclear powered and armed Autonomous Underwater vehicle

13 July, 2020


Image courtesy of Russian DoD 2019

In this seminar SUT CEO Steve Hall will give an unclassified overview of a new development in armed marine autonomous systems that is going to cause headaches for defence planners in the West – the Russian ‘Poseidon’ (NATO code name Kanyon), a nuclear-propelled and armed robot of almost unlimited endurance, presumably intended as a near-invulnerable ‘second strike’ nuclear weapon.

Steve will outline what is known so far about the device, how he thinks it will be deployed, some thoughts on how technology might enable opponents to detect and counter the system, and how it is likely to trigger similar developments from other nuclear powers. He’ll finish with an overview of current legislation and how it needs to be updated to take systems such as Poseidon into account.


1330hrs BST London

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