SUT+ The Practical use of Programming in Engineering

18 January, 2021


Monday 18th January 1200hrs GMT

Presenter: Eduardo Tenorio Bastos, Senior Structural Engineer at Wood

Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro, worked in many construction sites before university, when made for structural design and joined the Oil & Gas industry in late 2006. Joined Wood 10 years later, already as a Senior Structural Engineer, and in 2019 moved to Aberdeen to work in the same role. Has always been passionate about programming and its use in engineer, which increases productivity and saves time to focus on what really matters: the intellectual work, not the repetitive one.

The daily routine of an engineer is very often full of repetitive tasks and a large amount of data to deal with. The knowledge of a programming language, which used to be only a competitive edge, is becoming more and more a requirement. Many engineering software offers either a proprietary language (such as APDL for ANSYS) or native integration with another (such as Python support in Abaqus and Orcaflex). Even when there is no such environment, pre and post-processing of data may come out arduous but can be substantially eased with the use of programming, either in a formal programming language or just a well-structured spreadsheet. This presentation aims to showcase some tips and tricks as well as practical examples of the use of programming in engineering everyday life.

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