SUT+ Webinar – The Green Lifecycle of Decommissioning

21 July, 2022



Thursday, 21 July 2022 | 13:30 – 14:30 BST

Speaker – Nick McNally, Commercial Director, Decom Engineering

In this webinar, Nick will provide an overview of how the decommissioning industry can reduce its carbon impact on the environment.


  • The opportunity of the positive carbon impact of steel re-use
  • Current approaches
  • Efficient cutting of materials particularly pipelines and conductors
  • Advantages of recovering pipelines for re-purposing
  • How to clean the pipelines allowing for effective re-use
  • The carbon impact
  • The recommendation
  • Q&A Session

Speaker Background

Nick McNally is Commercial Director for Decom Engineering.   Nick is passionate about the potential for carbon savings as part of the transition to Net Zero. A qualified Chartered Accountant, Nick has worked for large multinationals but has also ran his own start-ups and can therefore see benefits of combining the expertise of existing companies with innovative new companies.