Young-Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics Launch

Lecture Theatre 207, Skempton Building, Imperial College, ImperiaI College Road, Kensington, London SW7 2BB

24 October, 2018



The OSIG Committee is pleased to announce the finalised programme for the launch event for Y-OSIG. We will have an introduction by Mick Cook (SUT Council Member and Treasurer) and Andy Barwise (OSIG Chairman) followed by a stimulating afternoon of presentations from 11 young professionals on a wide range of subjects.

While the judges deliberate, Andy Barwise will lead a discussion on how Y-OSIG could work. All young offshore ‘geo’ professionals are invited to attend and discuss what they would like from Y-OSIG and how they could be involved.

The judges will then present the awards, and we will then adjourn to the Hoop and Toy for refreshments, kindly provided by our sponsors.

1st: £250 2nd: £175 3rd: £100


Author Affiliation Title Marco Beghi DNV GL Challenges in offshore site Investigation; a client representative’s perspective Callum Fry Southampton Uni Identifying conventionally sub-seismic structures using seafloor analogues Scott Griffiths Fugro The challenges of acquiring 2D high resolution seismic data in a shallow water environment Toby Balaam Oxford Uni Cyclic element testing for offshore monopile foundations Leah Arlott Fugro The Bolders Bank Formation; predicting the unpredictable Alessandro Mandolini Horizon Geosciences Theoretical and experimental investigation of the multiaxial soil response around OWT foundations Maarten Heijnen Southampton Uni Erosion at seafloor knickpoints : an important but under-recognised geohazard for seafloor infrastructure Bonita Barrett Leeds Uni Tuning, interference and false shallow gas signatures in geohazards interpretations beyond the λ/4 rule David Vaughan Fugro Post-stack AVO techniques for shallow gas detection in 3DHR marine site surveys Scott Whyte Fugro Characterisation of soils for offshore renewables foundation design: risks and opportunities Scarlett MummeryOffshore BlondieExperience with the Benthic Seabed Drill in Nearshore Conditions


Registrations start at 1330 Presentations start at 1400 drinks and nibbles at the Hoop & Toy from 1800.

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