What can the SUT do for you?

16 October, 2012


What can the SUT do for you?

16 October 2012 Learning Luncheon, London, UK

Chairman Brian Jones, London Offshore Consultants





Subsea Engineering and Operations

Iain Knight, JP Kenny

Deepwater oil and gas production is becoming increasingly important to supplying the world’s energy needs, whilst facing still technical and environmental challenges.


Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics

Andy Barwise, Gardline

Most offshore activities demand a detailed knowledge of the seabed and near surface behavior and characteristics.


Diving and Manned Submersibles

Dr. John Bevan, Submex

Manned underwater intervention remains of utmost importance despite the proliferation of the remotely operated vehicle.


Marine Renewable Energies

John Griffiths

Arguably our richest sources of renewable energy lie in the ocean environment.