Lennard-Senior Prize Nominations 2024

The Lennard-Senior prize is awarded to an individual in recognition of outstanding individual achievement in the field of Marine Renewable Energy.

The Nominees for the 2024 Lennard-Senior Prize are: Andy Baldock, David Collier, Professor Deborah Greaves, Steve Jermy, and Fraser Johnson. Information about each nominee is below.

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Your Nominees

Andy Baldock

Andy has worked for the majority if not all of the technologies and is known by all in the sector; or should be if he isn’t!

After 20 years he continues to choose to work in the marine energy sector and support its continuing growth and learning. His quality of work, attention to detail, and breadth of understanding about technical, project development, consenting, legal, commercial, and financial aspects of projects have made him a valuable contributor to the sector over the years. Andy will always tell you the truth, even if it is the last thing you want to hear! However, it’s that sort of challenge that helps to make progress faster.

As we continue to encourage support for the tidal sector, the quality of work and integrity that Andy consistently shows are increasingly important to the sector. We thank you for all you’ve done to support all developers and stakeholders.

David Collier

David has had a long career in offshore energy stretching back to oil and gas days. He was with Meygen for several years when they did their initial installations and moved to Minesto when Meygen was reorganised. David is a highly capable offshore operations leader, as well as a skilled project manager. He does not hit the headlines but has a very solid track record in successfully installing and commissioning a number of tidal energy devices.

Professor Deborah Greaves

What a woman! It was amazing to see MREC members open-mouthed at all that has been and is being achieved thanks to the Supergen ORE Hub and of course the University of Plymouth and everywhere else where she has a finger in the pie!

Since its inception in 2017, Deborah has been Director of the £9m Supergen Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Hub. She was appointed to develop the strategy and consortium for the new Supergen ORE Hub that brings together offshore wind with marine energy sectors. Deborah also lead the Collaborative Computational Project on Wave Structure Interaction, and has consistently pioneered the development of new technologies in offshore wind, wave and tidal power. This has included novel types of wave energy converter, analysis methods for offshore renewable energy farms, and extreme wave-structure interactions. In addition to her research, she has led high-profile national and international initiatives designed to ensure such technological advances can be applied in real-world scenarios to help meet the country’s future clean energy demands.

Steve Jermy

Steve has been central to the creation of a floating offshore wind industry in the South West and South Wales, campaigning for many years on the development of the Celtic Sea. This is now at a point where it is becoming real and expected to bring huge economic, environmental and social benefit to the region.

Steve is Chief Executive Officer of Celtic Sea Power a company with the vision of unlocking the potential of floating wind where he has led the charge on supporting developers across a range of themes including grid and energy planning, ports infrastructure, workforce development and environmental characterisation. He has been the architect of several major collaborative projects notably the Cornwall Floating Offshore Wind Accelerator – working to accelerate offshore wind for the benefit of Cornwall and the wider Celtic Sea region, and the Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zone – developing a low-carbon solution to the connection of floating offshore wind farms to our electricity network. Steve has also been instrumental in establishing the Celtic Sea Cluster, which brought together developers, the supply chain, and other stakeholders to set out a clear regional strategy to deliver social and economic benefits to Cornwall, South Wales and the greater South West.

As his LinkedIn profile will tell you, he is an Offshore Renewable Energy business leader, with wide-ranging offshore leadership experience, as Chair/CEO at Celtic Sea Power; Non-Executive Director at Cornwall & Isle of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership; and Managing Director at Tide Mills Limited. He has over 35 years’ offshore experience, including in offshore renewable energy, sea command, sea training, offshore aviation, ships diving, SAR, oil & gas security, and fishery protection, and has authored books on strategy, his favourite subject.

Very few people can say they have done as much to drive the development of the floating offshore wind sector in the UK, in particular, advocating for UK business to be the main contributor to the development, construction, O&M and support services to the sector.

Fraser Johnson

Some individuals work behind the scenes; or in this case out in the Pentland Firth.
Fraser is one of the unsung heroes of the tidal stream sector who has rarely been spotted at a conference!

He is perfectly at home offshore on vessels managing operations of 1.5MW machines, building and repairing turbines, but he is also perfectly at home managing projects, relationships, creating collaborative working opportunities, and writing a funding bid or two!

Fraser not only understands the breadth of structural, mechanical, electrical, and control aspects of a turbine, but he also has expertise in all project development-related aspects from resource and energy yield through to consenting and decommissioning. The IP of this sector is in people and Fraser represents that.