Marine Technician (MarTech)

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Marine Technicians are professional Scientists or Technologists, who harness, exploit, manage, use or apply marine science or marine technology in the pursuit of research, wealth creation and/or the provision of services in the marine sector. Marine Technicians are involved in applying proven techniques and procedures to the solution of practical scientific and technological problems. They carry supervisory or technical responsibility and are competent to exercise creative aptitudes and skills within defined fields of science and technology. Marine Technicians contribute to the design, development, manufacture, commissioning, operation or maintenance of products, equipment, processes, research or services. Marine Technicians are required to apply safe systems of work and possess effective interpersonal skills. Marine Technicians continue to advance their knowledge, understanding and competence to a high level and are bound by the SUT and/or MTS Code of Conduct.

Required Level of Knowledge

Marine Technician is open to everyone who can demonstrate the required knowledge, understanding and professional competence. The exemplifying educational standard is a Level 3 NVQ or an advanced modern apprenticeship in an approved subject. There are many routes that can be offered to meet this standard, including a combination of academic awards, vocational qualifications and experiential learning through work competence includes the knowledge, understanding and skills that underpin performance. Marine Technicians are required to maintain their professional competence, working within professional codes of conduct and participate actively within their profession. There is also a requirement for continuing professional development.

The Benefits of MarTech Registration

The Marine Technician designation has many benefits for individuals, employers, and the public as a whole. MarTech ensures high and improving standards across all scientific and technological disciplines; it reflects best practice and is set at an internationally recognised benchmark level. MarTech encompasses high caliber professionals in the practice, application, and teaching of technology, and recognises the increasing focus on interdisciplinarity for the future of science, engineering, and technology. Furthermore, MarTech registration provides employers with additional assurance of the quality of their workforce. It is of benefit to:

Society, which will be more confident in the competence of an individual and need no longer be confused by a platform of letters and descriptions.

Individual practitioners, by identification as professional that sets them at the forefront of their profession and offers a passport to mobility.

Employers, with confirmation, through the designation, of the quality of a job applicant’s application.

Government departments, seeking to appoint advisers or consultants would have an assurance about the level of an individual’s expertise.

Professional bodies, with provision through the new designation of additional opportunities to benchmark their qualifications.

Higher education, which will be better able to set and monitor benchmarks for their technology courses, and to promote programs of study to meet the high standards required of a Registered Marine Technologist.

Regulatory Authorities, who could be confident in specifying the designation in legislation and regulations.

Legal credibility, enabling expert witness participation at a defined standard.

Professional standing, recognising equality of excellence across the technology professions.

Read more about the MarTech requirements, competence, and the application process in the Candidate Handbook.

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