Espen Amundsen


Espen Amundsen is the Managing Director of Ocean Team Scandinavia with the responsibility of the Ocean Team Scandinavia business unit held by Ocean Team Group of Companies. Previously, Mr. Amundsen provided his services as Head of Engineering and as Specialist Engineer at Ocean Team Scandinavia with the main responsibility developing the Supercritical CO2 Flushing Technology (SCCO2). Mr. Amundsen worked with fluid transfer systems his entire life starting with tractors, to diesel mechanic and working as a diesel technician at Mercedes and Bosch, holding a big technical background. Mr. Amundsen has an education as an Auto Mechanic, a Production Technologist, and as Mechanical Engineer. Furthermore, he was the founder and owner of two companies in Norway, gaining leadership experience now applied to the Managing Director position at Ocean Team Scandinavia.