Fraser Bransby

After graduating from Cambridge University with a degree and PhD in 1995, Fraser spent 15 years at the Universities of Cambridge, Western Australia and Dundee researching and teaching in geotechnical engineering. During this time, he developed links with the offshore industry by performing testing, research and consultancy for and with a range of contractors and consultants. In 2010, Fraser joined Advanced Geomechanics (now Fugro AG) where he has led geotechnical support to a wide range of projects particularly related to pipelines/flowlines and subsea structures. This has included Browse, GWF-1, Prelude, Scarborough, GWF-2 and Tangguh amongst others. Fraser is currently a Technical Authority and the innovation lead for Fugro AG and has published more than 100 papers in journals and conferences on topics ranging from pipe-soil interaction to the mechanics of plant roots in soil