John Rossier

John Rossier (JR) is General Manager Operations, DOF Subsea – Asia Pacific region. In April 2005 he was one of a ‘break-away’ group from Covus Pte Ltd to establish DOF Subsea locally. JR’s global operations and diving experience can be traced back to 1975. In the early 80s, he played a part in solving another WW II mystery and at the same time helped prove the commercial value of gas recovery systems. The HMS Edinburgh was torpedoed in 1942 by a German submarine and was sunk in the Barents Sea taking 58 sailors and 465 ingots of gold with her. On 16 September 1981, JR uttered the words “I’ve found the gold! I’ve found the gold!” The salvage team confirmed the new gas recovery technology performed as predicted and was safe at significant depths. Additionally, John Rossier is an active participant in the broader aspects of industry development and regulation, working with industry bodies such as IMCA, and AMMA.