Ray Farrier

Ray trained as a military diver in 1972 and spent most of his time looking for dead bodies and illegal firearms dumped in the waterways of the UK. The novelty factor soon wore off and in 1974 Ray started on the more glamorous discipline of offshore commercial diving and has since then worked around the world. In an offshore career spanning 40 years starting as a humble “bubble head diver” to founding Chairman of Neptune Marine Services and holding many other senior management positions including Managing Director, General Manager and Director of Not-for Profit organisations. When “trip’s offshore” lasted 10 weeks, mobile phones and the internet didn’t exist and the word “facebook” wasn’t in the dictionary Ray has seen more change then many. The evolution of the offshore field in this time frame has been similarly revolutionary with how things were done then compared to how it is done today. Not just what happens on the seabed but the vessels built today to deal with exploration in ever deeper water. Ray is the recently retired Chairman of the Society of Underwater Technology (SUT) and a “Fellow of the SUT” and has an immense amount of knowledge of the Subsea Industry.