Scott Norieka

Scott Noreika is the Consultancy Manager and a Senior Oceanographer at RPS MetOcean Pty Ltd (RPS), a physical meteorological and oceanographic consultancy firm in Perth (since 1974) and he’s been with the company since 1991. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a BSc in Physical Oceanography/Naval Science in 1984. He then spent 6 years as a US Naval Officer working at sea (Pacific and Indian Oceans) and onshore (Hawaii) in roles including management of personnel and operating systems and in provision of metocean services/support to the Pacific Fleet. He moved to Western Australia in 1991, where he took up his position with RPS. In his 21 years at RPS, he has been involved in the development of operational and/or design metocean criteria for most of the operational Offshore Oil & Gas developments (and related coastal facilities) on the NW Shelf and in the Timor Sea. He also has extensive experience in conducting metocean studies for global offshore sites in the Southern Ocean, in the South China Sea, in the Indonesian Seas, off East and West Africa, off Brazil, and in the South and North Western Pacific Ocean.