Steve Tyler

Steve joined Woodside in 2014 as a Senior Geohazard Analyst and was previously a Principal Geophysicist at Advanced Geomechanics and the designated Technical Authority for Geophysics and Site Planning and Investigation. He has experience both in academia and industry concerning the integration of geoscience datasets, ground model development and geohazard analysis and has specific experience in tailoring geohazard and geoscience studies for engineering requirements. He is also an experienced Offshore Manager with over fifteen years of experience in marine geophysics and has worked worldwide on oil and gas, cable route and marine infrastructure projects offshore. He spent three years in academic research to achieve a PhD in Marine Geophysics and complete a research scholarship at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute involving the analysis of marine geophysics and other multidisciplinary data within a GIS environment. He is an active member of SUT and a member of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers.